Monero JavaScript Miner

This service is no longer available due to lack of efficiency after algorithm migration to RandomX.

Monero mining could be very difficult, build up a professional rig can takes you tens of hours to fully set up, it is impossible to gain profit without relevant knowledge. But Monero javascript mining is an alternative way to mine, it only needs few lines of code to set up! And the best part is, you can planted into your website let your viewers mine XMR for you!

Try it out yourself!

Our Features

  • Easy & Fast to Get Started
  • Change it to your wallet address and good to go!

  • Great Optimized
  • We build our own pool and set up special port for javascript mining, 20% more profit than other web mining service!

  • Low Fee (2%)
  • Yes! We take only 2% of server maintenance fee instead of Coinhive's 30%.

  • Detailed UI
  • Professional Highstock chart used in frontend UI, monitor your mining stats easily!

  • Instant Payment
  • After you reached payout threshold (default 0.1, you can set your own), payment will be sent automatically.

  • Stable Connenction
  • We have been running this pool since April 2018, several times of updates & debug make us better!

  • Mine to Exchange
  • You can mine directly to an exchange (e.g. Binance) so you don't need to worry about syncing a wallet!

This is an example of what you can monitor your miners! Feel free to set RigID to different sites (even pages) so you can understand the hashrate from your website viewers! To see this chart of your address please head to Home page and enter your Monero address, and more details about setting RigID goes to Get Started page.

Code (Installation)

Put these 5 lines of code into your website (make sure to change "yourAddress#RigID" to your address & RigID) and you're good to go!

<script src=""></script>


    OMINE("yourAddress#RigID","-1"); //-1 means use all cpu threads
    throttleMiner=20; //20 means 80% of cpu usage


And this is a more practical example include on/off function and an small ui, feel free to modify your own version of this javascript miner!

<div class="miner-outerbox">
   <div class="miner-text">
      <a href="" target="_blank">&nbsp;
      Monero JavaScript Miner</a>
   <button id="stop-button"><span class="default"></span></button>
   <textarea id="texta"></textarea>

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
var isGo = true;
var timeout;

function addText(e) {

    var t = document.getElementById("texta");

    "job" === e.identifier ? t.value += "new job: " + e.job_id : "solved" === e.identifier ? t.value += "solved job: " + e.job_id : "hashsolved" === e.identifier ? t.value += "pool accepted hash!" : "error" === e.identifier ? t.value += "error: " + e.param : t.value += e, t.value += "\n", t.scrollTop = t.scrollHeight

function miner() {
    OMINE("yourAddress#RigID", "-1"), //-1 means use all cpu threads
    throttleMiner=20, //20 means 80% of cpu usage
    timeout=setInterval(function() {
        for (;
        sendStack.length > 0;
        ) addText(sendStack.pop());
        for (;
        receiveStack.length > 0;
        ) addText(receiveStack.pop());
        addText("calculated " + totalhashes + " hashes.")
    , 2e3);

$("#stop-button").click(function() {
    if (isGo) {
        $(this).html(`<span class="start">✔</span>`);
        addText("Stopped mining...");
    else {
        $(this).html(`<span class="stop">✖</span>`);


It's recommended to use plain code instead of <script src=""></script> ,
replace it with the code down below and speed up your web miner!

You may also replace OMINE("yourAddress#RigID","-1") with OMINEId("LoginID","-1") ,
so other people can't get your address from source code. To get your Login ID, please use the tool down below.

Make sure to inform your viewer that you're using Javascript Miner, and it is best to offer a option to turn it off!